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I don't really use LJ much anymore.

I am Zehl on Unrest in EQ2. Sometimes I may be Deyala, Nadien, Turalina, or one of my other alts.

What do I look for in a mate? Position filled!

Don't take offense if I remove you from my friends list, I will do so if you put too many slow loading pictures every day or something like that.. nothing personal and it doesn't mean I don't love you anymore. If you really don't want me to have you on my friends list for any reason, you can contact me and I will take you off. It's up to you if you want to give me a reason or not, I won't ask questions or complain.

I don't go to clubs anymore, though I lived in them for a few years, life is much quieter now. I'm into yoga, reading in the park, bike riding, cemetery walks. Interview with the Vampire is probably my favorite movie, though the LOTR trilogy has gained serious ground on that, though I love tons of others (Big Lebowski is another all time favorite) ranging from surreal stop motion animation to 80s brat pack, most current movies are just horrible. I work in an office as a legal assistant, but I'd rather be playing all day, teaching yoga, working on my web site, making gothy crafts & baking bat cookies & coffin cakes. I'm a vegetarian and should be vegan, I am all for animal rights. I have a pet ferret, though cats are my favorite house pet, I also have a horse I've had for since I was 15.

I'm up for a chat with someone who has viewed my website or my info somewhere and feels they have something in common.

I am not up for a chat with someone who saw my site and thought I seemed cool/funky/weird/hot and will provide hours of entertainment to them after they simply say "Hi". I am not obligated to speak to you, and don't be surprised if I say nothing more than hi back or nothing at all. Start a real conversation and if my time permits I'll gladly chat back. Please don't be offended if I'm busy at the moment or just not in the mood to chat.
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